Going to Japan for the first time, everyone has certain expectations of the land of anime, geisha, tea ceremony, temples, futuristic architecture and samurai work ethics. Among these (possibly innocently clichéd) preconceptions is the notion of Japan being fascinated by and obsessed with robots. If you happen to think robots are kind of (read: VERY) cool, be prepared to be gobsmacked in the best possible way, when female warriors wearing very little clothing battle giant robots on dinosaurs at the Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku’s Kabukicho district. In several shows per day and night, it’s time to leave any reservations behind and give in to the wonderfully campy, crazy, deafening, dazzling allure of the “most awesome” place in the world, when cabaret meets giant robots and mechanical sharks swallow evil space invaders.

Possibly not suited for young children because of the noise / sensory overload, and for people sensitive to flashing lights.

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