Tokyo Skytree and the Sumidagawa Fireworks

Fireworks have a long history in Japan and are an integral part of many summer festivals. The Sumidagawa Fireworks Festival in Tokyo dates back to the Edo period and is one of Japan’s most famous firework displays. Every last Saturday in July, colorful fireworks are launched from both sides of the Sumida River. The spectacle

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Konpira Grand Theater in Kotohira

The Konpira Grand Theater (also known as Kanamaru-za) is the oldest surviving kabuki theater in Japan.

Located in Kotohira in Kagawa Prefecture on the island of Shikoku, it was constructed in 1835 and has been completely restored to its Edo period appearance.

Outside of the occasionally held performances, the theater is open to

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Bath Encounters

Or: Taking the Plunge
Pity is an unknown concept to the tiny old lady. Even though we are towering over her, we are at her mercy. “Undress”, she repeats. At least that’s what we’re guessing her words mean, since our Japanese abilities don’t go beyond “arigatou”, “konnichiwa” and “sumimasen” at this point.
It’s a

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